Commercial Sesame paste machine Peanut butter machine 100-type Electric Sesame Peanut Grinding machine Peanut Butter Maker


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Commercial Household Sesame paste machine Peanut butter machine 100-type Electric Sesame Peanut Grinding machine Peanut Butter Maker

Preparation method of sesame paste:

1. Clean material: select the sesame with good maturity, remove the moldy particles, iron, sand and stone sundries in the material, dry and clean them, put them into the tank filled with clean water, stir and wash them with a wooden stick, remove the chaff particles, empty skin and impurities floating on the water surface, and soak them for about 15 minutes. When the sesame absorbs enough water, take it into the dense eye sieve to drain, and then spread it on the mat to dry.

2. Baking and frying: pour sesame seeds into the pot and bake and fry over low heat. Stir with a wooden shovel until the water of the sesame itself evaporates and turns brown. Pinch it with your fingers to form a powder, but prevent the sesame from burning and losing its flavor. Before frying, if 4kg of salt is dissolved into water, an appropriate amount of seasoning, pepper powder, fennel, etc. are added, stirred evenly, poured into 50kg sesame, stopped for 2 ~ 3 hours, and the seasoning slowly penetrates into the sesame, the sesame paste has a unique flavor.

(Note: materials shall not be too cold. Sesame seeds shall not contain moisture. Oily materials and moisture are incompatible, and the effect is poor, which will affect the quality of sesame paste).

3. Start the machine: loosen the lock nut (6) and adjust the handle (8) to rotate in the coarse direction without blocking. The motor can be started if it rotates flexibly. (the rotation direction of the three-phase motor shall be consistent with the mark on the cover (4), otherwise it shall be shut down immediately, replace two of the three phases and restart.)

4. Adjust the clearance: adjust the handle (8) in the fine direction until a slight friction sound is heard. Do not adjust too fine, and significantly reduce production efficiency and increase power consumption.

5. Grinding: use the machine to grind the fried sesame into a thin paste. The abrasive can be adjusted by 2-5mm at the blanking port, which can also be adjusted according to the use situation, so as to keep the blanking uniform, high fineness and improve the quality. The ground sauce should be put into a glass bottle or pottery jar while it is hot and sealed for sale. Generally, every 100kg sesame seeds can be made into 90 ~ 95kg sesame paste.

CertificationCE / EU;CIQ
Metal TypeStainless steel + Aluminum alloy
Mills TypeFood Mills
Model Number100-type
OriginMainland China
Power220V 1100W

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