Japanese magic Active oxygen Whitening Bubble machine Beauty room Special facial skin deep cleaning management repair instrument


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Magic oxygen bubble machine Japanese oxygen beauty instrument skin management instrument beauty salon Facial Cleanser+Acne eliminating function

Principle of bubble machine:
1. Through the physical and chemical principle of active oxygen, wash deep skin to achieve anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect.
2. Oxygen bubble has the effect of sterilization, disinfection, decoloration and cleaning. It can sterilize, remove mites, whiten and clean the skin of face and hand.
3,At the same time, it can promote blood circulation and activate cells.
4. Make the skin form collagen layer, replenish the moisture and oxygen of skin, reduce the production of melanin, increase the skin elasticity, make the skin tender, white, smooth and transparent, so as to achieve the effect of radiant cells and beautiful face.
Select the corresponding plasma rod according to the operation position:
1. Mushroom shaped glass electrotherapy tube,
2. Comb shaped glass electrotherapy tube,
3. Spoon shaped glass electrotherapy tube,
4. Point shaped glass electrotherapy tube.
The whole body can be operated to dredge meridians, promote blood circulation, and deal with inflammatory skin.
1. Anti inflammatory effect, sterilization, treatment of acne, promote the recovery of acne;
2. Inhibit the growth of bacteria;
3. Promote the absorption of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs
4. Reduce and regulate sebum secretion and promote metabolism;
5. Promote the circulation of lymph and blood, and improve the ability of cell regeneration;
6. The vibration and heat generated by the electrode due to current conduction can also calm and massage the skin.

FeatureFoam Soap Dispenser
Liquid Soap Dispenser TypeHand Soap Dispenser
OriginMainland China
TypeLiquid Soap Dispensers

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